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Goodmorning! Starting kahapon kelangan ko na mag suot ng salamin sabi ko kay papa sana contact lense nalang eh maarte eh mukha tuloy akong teacher haha.

Interested in you & only you.

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We still believe in love, we just have a hard time believing in people.

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Because His love is what will ever be constant in your life, you can rely on it, beloved. You can place your whole life upon this great and mighty God who loves you, and know that He will not fail. He will not change. He will forever be faithful and consistent, whatever it is that comes your way or whatever mistake you will do.

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Expressive bloggers


Sila yung mga bloggers na walang kausap dito sa tumblr except ang tumblr mismo. They post some personal post na nangyayari sa buhay nila. Even pag-ligo pinopost nila. Because somehow these people look “Tumblr” as a friend. A friend who’s always there and willing to listen. A friend who never react when they were shortly forgotten and still welcome when you needed someone. That’s how they look tumblr.

I wanna be with you for a lifetime, and not forever, because lifetime is a reality while forever is just a fantasy.

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